Attention: Reluctant Spiritual Teachers, Shamans, Healers, Artists, Speakers, Writers, and Service‑Oriented Entrepreneurs Who Are Afraid of Being Persecuted or At The Very Least, Ridiculed and Rejected, If You Do Your Spiritual Service In the World!

“Who Else Is Ready to Be Paid To Do The Service You Were Born To Do?

… The Same Service That Comes SO Easily To You That You Think ‘Who Would PAY ME for THIS?’

… The Same Service That You Are Conditioned Through Centuries of Status Quo Mind Control to Believe that Should Only Be Given for Free Or Else?!

… The Same Service that If You Ignore It, You Feel Stuck, Stagnant, and Spiraling In Ongoing Emotional, Spiritual and Financial Crisis?

Let Us Help You Crush The Myth that the MOST Important Service in the World – Truth Telling and Healing – Should Stay Hidden!

Isn’t It High Time You Claimed The Permission, Clarity and Relief That is Rightfully Yours In Order To Reveal Your Unique Gifts To The World and Profit in Your Life Purpose?”

If you are ready to release the ties that bind you and finally claim the permission, clarity and relief that comes with doing the creative, spiritual service you love doing and get paid for it, than we have THE EVENT for you!

Hi Seeker of Inner Truth,

After surveying the YourPurpose community multiple times, you’ve made it abundantly clear to us that your three biggest areas of concern and interest are:
… in that order.

So, we’ve created a unique, one-time-only event (with completely NEW content!) to help heal these riddles for you… more on this special live event in a minute…

Your key areas of interest – business, money and love – just so happen to also be my favorite areas to explore!

This fascination is due to the fact that my Life Purpose, from my hands, is “Spiritual Teacher, Innovative Mentor and Business Woman with a Special Message for the Masses.” My purpose requires me to deeply develop my inner awareness while also expressing my creativity through a profitable, innovative business that focuses on education, training and inspiration.

And what is my “special message” you might ask?

To remind you that you have a Life Purpose to discover and once you finally unleash this purpose, you can access all of your gifts and get paid for what you love to do – your passions!

Do you believe you can do this? Or do you think, ‘Well, Baeth can do that because that’s Baeth… but my life, my business is different?’

If I had a dollar for every person who has told me over the years, “I don’t feel comfortable charging for my healing and spiritual work,” I would have a rather robust extra investment account to play with!

Maybe you can relate to the struggles of these folks who are craving the courage to transition into their spiritual, FUN work full time:
  • Samantha worked for over 20 years in the non-profit sector. Then she discovered her Life Purpose is to be a healer and shaman in her community. Though she’s always made a good wage, she is deeply troubled and uncomfortable asking people to pay her for her gifts. It was perfectly fine to ask for money when it was for the non-profit, but asking for herself? That’s an entirely different matter!
  • Marjorie has a different problem. Marjorie was a big success in the corporate world and still maintains her jet-setting lifestyle in retirement. However, her church community, to which she is deeply tied emotionally and finds great solace in, has frowned on her latest attempts to share her spiritual work. She would like to be paid for the work she does – she has no issue around delivering good value for a good price – she simply is at a loss as to where she can offer her talents without being judged or rejected.
  • Amanda, a single mom, has two young children that she is placing in private school. Because of this expense, she is reluctant to quit her day job and move full time into her spiritual work, lacking the planning and know-how as well as the necessary faith and courage to make her hobby her full time gig.
  • Gary hasn’t worked in years. His inheritance and real estate investments have kept him afloat, making his expenses, but just barely. He knows in his heart he is a gifted spiritual teacher with a profound ability for rapid healing in his audience through his books and public speaking. The problem is, he’s afraid of failing – again. How can he be sure this time will be any different than the last time?
  • Sharlene is magnetic. With her shining hair, sparkling eyes, wide smile and dramatic wardrobe, she is easily attracts men, money and friends. However, she is a star at her current day job and hasn’t ever charged for her healing work. She attracts a lot of attention for her outer stardom, but what about her inner sensitivity, intuition and healing abilities? If she makes her true desires the center of her life, she worries that the attention will go away. As a result, she clings to her familiar j-o-b, using various excuses about money and time. Can she be the star she knows she was born to be just being her true self and offering her spiritual gifts to others?
  • Jenny still works in the corporate world as a team building and productivity consultant. She loves her work and her clients. Trouble is, she’s learned all these wonderful spiritual tools that would make a huge difference in the health and profit of her clientele and she’s afraid to share them. She’s afraid if ‘they’ know how ‘woo-woo’ she really is, she’ll lose all credibility as well as all her clients. How can she package what she does in such a way that her clients ‘get it’ so that she doesn’t have to hide her passionate spiritual abilities?
  • Clarice, Frank and Stephanie are all afraid they will be persecuted or assassinated if they do their spiritual and healing work in the world, whether from a belief in a past life or childhood trauma. At the very least, they fear being excommunicated by their families, churches and communities. Can they overcome limiting tribal beliefs to become a treasured resource in the places where they live?
  • Maybe you can relate to these stories, based on some of my real-life clients?

    They are overcoming their reluctance and profiting and you can, too!

    You and I are probably a lot alike. I was once a depressed office worker bored out of my skull, doing a job just to pay my rent. I sank into a spiritual crisis of meaning so severe that I contemplated – briefly - leaving this planet.

    I would ask myself: “Why am I here on this Earth? I can’t be here just to make money to pay bills… but I still ‘have to’ make money to survive. What is the answer to this riddle? There is something I don’t know. If only I could figure it out…”

    Then, thanks to a series of fortunate events (and some very persistent, loving friends), I discovered scientific hand analysis… and the rest is ‘her story’ as they say!

    I believe scientific hand analysis is the finest system in the world for understanding your personality and character assets as well as your challenges, gifts, and purpose – bar none! In all my studies of personality profiling, I have yet to find a more accurate, detailed system for inner clarity and self-realization of your full potential!

    [Scientific hand analysis brings clarity to the DISC Assessment, the Kolbe Profile, the Enneagram, the Myers-Briggs Assessment and many others.]

    Scientific hand analysis also provides these unprecedented benefits for self-actualization:
    • Self-Acceptance
    • Self-Trust
    • Self-Nurturing
    • Self-Discovery
    • Clarity
    • Permission to Express
    • Permission to Do ONLY What You Really, Really Want to Do (and NEVER AGAIN Do ANYTHING You Don’t Want to Do! I don’t. Why should you???)
    Isn’t it time you fully loved, accepted and ENJOYED Your Self with the results in your outer world mirroring your deepest dreams and desires?!

    Business Success

    Once I knew my life purpose, I set out to make it a reality. And I have! I own a seven-figure-a-year business with a full-time support team of four people and many part-time suppliers, vendors and consultants. I am experiencing the business success I once thought was impossible when I was working a J-O-B. (And did I mention – I work from home?)

    What is your business dream, if any? Would you like to create wealth on your own terms and do work that fills you with passion?

    I want to show you how you CAN also have a six- or seven-figure business that nurtures you, your soul and your clients!


    Being paid for my passions means that I am never “working.” There is no real dividing line between work and play. Everything I do is filled with joy and appreciation because everything I do comes from my inner guidance and my Life Purpose. My soul is the Goddess of My Desires, not my ego-driven fears or needs. I am living my “right life” so every part of it feels good: health, wealth and love!

    Does money flow to you easily as you express your passions in the world? If not, where are you blocked? Where are you holding beliefs that this is ‘impossible’ or ‘too difficult?’ What would you have to believe to have all the money you desire?


    My Life Lesson, also from my fingerprints, is fear of the loss of love. This is where things get tricky. I’m going to be vulnerable here, so please bear with me. As you may or may not know, I recently got divorced. It was tough emotionally – not between my former husband and myself – rather, inside my own heart. I was filled with sadness, loneliness, searing shame, guilt and regret. My Life Lesson looked me right in the eyes – and I didn’t look away this time!

    I had to go ALL THE WAY through these feelings to come out the other side, feeling full forgiveness for myself and everyone involved. Most of my emotions were the result of my expectations, rather than the reality of the relationship, which brought me much joy for many, many years. I hope it did the same for my former husband!

    Here’s the magic part of the story. My marriage was a total success. My former husband and I completely honored our wedding vows. When we got married, it’s as if we knew the contract we were agreeing to in advance (well, we did, didn’t we???).

    We did NOT commit until ‘death do us part’ or any of that. In fact, we put no burden on the other to behave in any particular way, except this one: We promised one another that we would always be a stand for the Life Purpose of the other, even if that meant letting the other person go. We promised only to help one another grow, blossom and flourish.

    One day, we realized, it was time to part. And we did. We only had a few brief arguments and a few simple discussions after that to settle things up, but for the most part, there was no drama or pain being inflicted on one another. There was NO BLAME!

    There is so much love between us that no one and nothing can separate the bond we share as ‘soul mates.’ We will always be soul mates, for our souls have stood in unity and celebration to one another.

    Here’s the thing I’ve discovered about love and romantic relationships in particular. We have NO IDEA when we sign up for a relationship what they are really designed to help us remember about ourselves!

    Your intimate partnership may exist to help you find your Life Purpose, discover your sexuality, be a life-time partner with someone, grow a family together or become friends further down the road. Some partnerships are short, some long-lived and some forever.

    It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you LOVE YOUR SELF in the process. Ultimately, that is what all relationships help us do – discover more and more about who we really are and what we are here to contribute.

    YOU get to decide what your next ‘soul mate’ partnership will look and feel like, because you know, deep in your soul, what your soul is ready to discover next.

    Perhaps you want to find your lifetime beloved. Perhaps you want to be single indefinitely or forever. Perhaps you want many lovers and lots of freedom to explore. All that matters is that the love relationships you create HONOR YOU and HONOR the OTHER. That is all.

    It is between you, yourself and your partner. No one and nothing else. All relationships are already one with the Divine, because the Divine IS everything. Everything is God, Goddess, One-Ness, Unity. You can’t ever be separate from the Divine; you can only forget that you are love in physical form and you are loved eternally by virtue of your mere existence.

    Once you come to a place of unconditional love for yourself, you automatically extend this love to others.

    Because love is part of my ‘lesson’ this lifetime, I am learning so much about how to love myself fully without judgment, fear or blame. I am also learning when I am safe emotionally with others and when I am not. I am learning to listen to my own heart in all my decisions and act from my true desires.

    What I’ve discovered, much to my surprise, is that I am not conventional when it comes to love and yet, I am a die-hard romantic. This presents quite a conflict!

    Which brings me to my next point… the “Paradox Principle.”

    If one thing is true, so is its opposite. If you are dating someone who is commitment-phobic, they are only mirroring your ambivalence about being in a committed, long-term relationship. Once you are clear on exactly what you want in your love life, it will show up for you without conflict.

    I am in the process of discovering how to have both freedom and commitment together. Those are my two biggest relationship desires: freedom and loyalty. When I attract someone who also has these same desires, the conflict is resolved.

    What is your relationship desire? Is your outer life mirroring your true desire, or is it mirroring the conflict within yourself?

    I am going to show you how your love life directly impacts your business. In fact, I am going to show you how your self-love and self-respect are the relationships that really matter – in EVERY area of your life!

    Why We Created the “Love and Money On Purpose” LIVE Event

    After receiving your consistent feedback about wanting to create a successful relationship with your business, your money and your love life, along with examining my own experience in these areas – some of which I just shared with you above -- the “Gifted 2012: Love and Money On Purpose” LIVE Event was born!

    The spiritual purpose of this event is to return you to your natural state of being – your essence - where you have full access to your inner awareness and resources. You will leave this event understanding on a GUT level that you are the source of your abundant supply and that this infinite supply can only be fully accessed through self-acceptance, self-value and the SHARING of your value with others. Inner work is not enough. Regular expression in the world is also necessary if you are to have true fulfillment.

    You will also leave the “Gifted” event with a relationship blueprint and a business blueprint. These two plans will help you heal your relationship with yourself so you can have the business of your dreams!

    When you arrive, we will make your hand prints together ON-SITE (if we don’t already have them on file) so you can follow along using your own personal information to discover your unique “success blueprint” for business, money and love!

    (NOTE: This event does not require any previous experience with your hand info. However, you will leave knowing valuable data that you’ll soon be able to spot in anyone else’s hands – so the event provides the double benefit of self-discovery and added hand analysis data in your own resource tool-box if it interests you! This event is not a hand analysis training, per say, so the FOCUS will be squarely on you and your business, money and love success! Your hand prints provide the data SPECIFIC TO YOU and YOUR DESIRES.)

    At this ONE-TIME-ONLY event, we are going to explore:

    • Your Love Patterns: Discover how you sabotage or empower all the relationships in your life, including the most important relationship of all – your relationship with your Self.
    • Your Love Style: By examining your heart lines in your hands, we’ll uncover your unique love style and how you relate emotionally to yourself and others. This information is so eye-opening that you’ll FINALLY understand why he or she “does that!”
    • Your Money Patterns: Discover the exact ways that you create, attract or repel money in your life.
    • Your Money Style: We’ll look at the ‘money markers’ in your hands. This data is essential for getting paid for your passions. Hint: The money in your bank account is a direct measurement of how many people you are reaching with your gifts and how well you are being paid for sharing those gifts. Money is a value exchange, nothing more, nothing less. I’ll show you how to create all the money you desire – the answer may surprise you!
    • Your Business: I have a newly updated, signature process for helping you uncover your ideal business, ideal clients, ideal messaging, ideal products and services, ideal pricing and more. You will leave this event with a new business plan or a greatly enhanced plan if you already own a business. If you don’t own a business, I’ve created an alternate plan for you to plan your ideal life. (You’ll probably want to design BOTH!)
    Here’s where it gets even juicer. Your love, money and business styles are all closely related. Why?


    “Chakra” is the Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel.” It is thought that you have seven chakras, from the base of your spine, all the way up to the top of your head. The “eighth chakra” is the energy field around your body – your “aura.” Your aura radiates out into the world, either expressing your Life Purpose or expressing your fear, negativity, scarcity-consciousness, etc.

    Business, love and money represent the energies of the second chakra of your body, otherwise known, for memory’s sake, as the “sex chakra.” This area encompasses your pelvic region, including your reproductive organs and low back. You literally “create” your life from this part of your body.

    At the “Love and Money On Purpose” LIVE event, we are going to explore ALL the chakras as they appear in your hands. Yes, the chakras of your body are represented by a mini-map in your hands and can be ‘read’ to see where your energies are flowing and where your energies are blocked.

    A graphic image of the chakra locations in your body

    After exploring all of the chakras, we will dive deep into the second chakra, because this chakra affects so much of our everyday life.

    This part of my life absorbs a lot of my focus – as it does for so many of us – and yet there is so much ignorance and fear around our most basic desires and drives. I’ll also be sharing controversial political and historical information along with the hand data to demonstrate the shifts required for true self-harmony. Your empowerment is the KEY to world peace. How can it be otherwise? We continually see people going outside of themselves to find “the answers” but those answers live within you!

    The second chakra rules over these 5 KEY AREAS:

    • Our relationship with others (romantic and otherwise)
    • Our relationship with our sexuality
    • Our relationship with our creativity
    • Our relationship with our money
    • Our relationship with our business and our business associates

    We will determine together where you are excelling or stuck in these 5 key areas. Then we will play and plan together to bring clarity to your next goals for these vital areas of your life.

    My intention is that you leave this event feeling calm, peaceful, joyful, clear and recommitted to living your authentic desires from a place of love and creative expression.

    You will also leave with a “success blueprint” for your business, money and love unlike ANY you’ve ever created before. This blueprint will NOT be coming just from your head and ego, but from the deepest parts of your soul.

    My Co-Leader, Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst

    (…over 21,000 pairs of hands analyzed and counting!)

    She is known as the ‘fairy godmother’ to souls seeking clarity. Both practical and poetic, Pamelah Landers is back at “Gifted 2012”! She was such a hit at last year’s event, we’ve invited her back to share her enormous skills in the relationship arena.

    A master hand analyst, having read over 21,000 pairs of hands and counting, Pamelah specializes in showing you how your relationship with yourself is either improving or degrading your love life, finances and business. In my nearly 20 years of professional experience in the self-discovery field, I have never met a relationship expert who better understands that it is the healing of our relationship with our self that creates real transformation in every other part of our life.

    What’s even better is that Pamelah is going to SHOW YOU how to make this a reality from your very own hands!

    Here are a few words from Pamelah herself:

    “Being true to your design is the easiest way to get through life. When you know what your design is, this new consciousness allows self-appreciation, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.

    Could you articulate the love style that is most important and familiar to you? Meaning, if for your partner, family, friends, children or even for yourself, what words would you use to describe…

    1. …how you express love that resonates most deeply and truthfully?
    2. …how you want loved expressed to you most authentically?
    3. …when you are verbally in communication with another, what is your style?

    You may not be aware that there is one line in your hands, called your heart line, which identifies all three answers to the above questions. It determines a major portion of your relationship success. Your non-negotiable relationship needs are also reflected in your heart line.

    The heart line isn’t just about your personal relationships – it’s also reflecting the business relationship dynamics. Wherever you go, you take your hands with you.

    There are four types of heart lines:

    • Passionate (“I want it now!”)
    • Big Heart (“What do you want?”)
    • Romantic Idealist (“What would be ideal for you?”)
    • Hermit (“I want to be left alone now.”)

    The heart lines are either curvy or straight:

    • Curvy heart lines need to express feelings and verbalize things.
    • Straight lines are cautious and reserved about expressing feelings.

    Heart lines are long or short:

    • Long heart lines are focused on taking care of other people’s needs first – emotionally or physically, psychically or mentally.
    • Short heart lines can identify your own needs and take care of those first before attending to the needs of others.

    Some people have multiple heart line types!!! Can you imagine how this dynamic could create multiple communication styles and multiple ways of wanting to be loved?

    The heart line information, combined with your unique money style and business plan, sets you up for success. You can determine your emotional style and surround yourself with people who complement you either by fully understanding your heart style (as they share it!) or who add different nuances to help create balance in your life and business!”

    How Your Heart Lines Impact Making Money

    When you are being true to your heart line design, you know what it is, how to describe it, and what the benefits and challenges are, you can then make better choices.

    Now, the clients you attract can be easily and clearly identified based upon their heart line types. You want to work with clients who:

    • communicate in a style that works for you,
    • who demonstrate appreciation for you in the language that you speak,
    • and who vibrate in a similar type of giving and receiving energy.

    A Little Bit More about Pamelah

    Relationships are Pamelah’s area of expertise. Choosing psychology as a major in college began her formal education in understanding what motivates people. However, her interest in the dynamics between people actually began much earlier, as she was born with fingerprint patterns that are all about relationships – “the School of Love.” After college, Pamelah expanded her expertise by taking multiple workshops about relationships, reading volumes about the dynamics between people as well as going through her own therapeutic discovery process. Using a variety of tools including her strong intuition, Pamelah is able to quickly dissect the dynamics of what’s happening between people and suggest profound and easy-to-implement solutions.


    Why Is This Event One-Time-Only?

    This event is a one-time-only event that will be recorded in high definition video and audio for eventual use in a product I am creating. I have not shared this information in this way before and it’s unlikely I will ever do so again in a live format. If you’ve been with our community for a while, you know we like to do new things and not repeat them so you will not want to miss the live experience.

    NOTE: This event will be strictly limited to 200 attendees to maintain an intimate, connected experience.


    Our event will be held at the gorgeous and tranquil Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona (pictured above). This is our third annual event at this magical location. The property is co-owned by the Pima Native American Tribe, local to the region, and the Starwood Hotel Group. As a result, the Pima Indians have blessed every corner of the land, as well as every mattress, light fixture, doorknob, tile, hallway, etc. When you step onto the property and walk around the buildings and grounds, you will feel the vibrating energy of this transformational location.

    This special place will assist you in quickly and easily releasing whatever has been holding you back and help you to move forward into a fuller expression of your true self.

    We also secured a phenomenal sleeping room rate of $129 per night at this luxurious, 4-star location. Once you register for the event, all the registration details will be emailed to you.

    Share a sleeping room to reduce your expenses? We’ll create a room-sharing list and put you in touch with other guests who’d like to share a room. Just email us at with “Gifted 2012 Room Sharing” in the subject line.

    Pamper yourself? If you decide to come a few days early, the room rate will be honored 3 nights prior to the event. This is a great way to turn this event into an adventurous vacation.

    Love to Spa? The property boasts a gorgeous spa where you can experience luxurious healing and body treatments. Work out in a deluxe, fully-equipped gym or swim in the private, adult-only pool if you want to have a break from it all.

    “Gifted 2012: Love & Money On Purpose” will take place Thursday, September 6th thru Saturday, September 8th with a special add-on day, Sunday, September 9th.

    You will want to fly into Phoenix International Airport no later than Wednesday afternoon, September 5th and plan to leave the property no earlier than 1 PM on Sunday, September 9th.

    What Is The Schedule?
    We will meet 8 AM to 6 PM Thursday thru Saturday, with some optional evening events. Sunday’s add-on day will run 8 AM to Noon. (You can access the add-on day with a VIP Networking Ticket. More on that in a minute.)

    What Are The Food Options?
    Breakfast will be provided each morning along with snack and beverage breaks. However, if you choose one of our VIP Networking Ticket options, lunches will be included Thursday thru Saturday. The hotel property, as well as the nearby casino, features many delicious dining options as well.

    What Is The Investment?
    Until August 31st, you can attend for ONLY $997, but don’t delay and register now.
    NOTE: The full ticket price will go as high as $2997.

    1-Pay Option of $997 (BEST DEAL!)
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    EZ Financing of 3 Payments of $367/month
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    Want to Bring a Friend, Business Colleague
    or Your Partner for Just $197?

    I often have to travel alone – yet I enjoy traveling so much more when I can do it with the people I love and trust! Therefore, I’m offering you the option of bringing a business colleague, partner or member of your team to “Gifted 2012” for only an additional $197.

    Yes, you read that right! I want you to be able to share this with the people who support you the most because I’ve seen over and over again how vital their being aligned with you can be to your success.

    Imagine coming home and not having to try and “explain it all” to your loved ones, team members or colleagues. If they join you for this life-changing experience, they will discover the KEY tools to love and money success, personally and professionally. I will provide you with the tips, check lists, forms, scripts and other necessary materials to become a MASTER of Love & Money in your own life!


    1-Pay Option of $997 (BEST DEAL!)
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    EZ Financing of 3 Payments of $367/month
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    Note: Only ONE GUEST Ticket allowed per regular ticket purchase. This add-on option is non-refundable.

    Which VIP Networking Ticket Option
    Do You Want?

    Networking at events is a powerful opportunity to create joint ventures (JVs), forge new relationships, create collaboration projects, meet people you’ve been hearing about and rub shoulders with entrepreneurs who’ve walked the path you are walking. Plus, when you treat yourself like a VIP, you’ll find it easier to claim your business, money and love success!

    OPTION #1: VIP GOLD Networking Ticket

    Take advantage of the VIP GOLD Networking option, which includes these benefits:

    • Gourmet, catered lunches all three days of the event so you’re nourished and have lots of time to make new, lucrative JV friends. (I know when I attend an event, the networking MORE than covers the cost of the ticket!)
    • Rub shoulders with and learn from my star clients, including my VIP Mentoring, SLAMM, and IASHA members, most of whom will be attending this event. You’ll meet Luanne Simmons, Gloria Hamilten, Alpha Murgev, and many others.
    • VIP early-registration at the event
    • VIP goody bag with fun, useful treats to enhance your time at the event
    • BONUS Add-On Day featuring two Phenomenal Guest Speakers who I’ve enthusiastically asked to share with you!!! (I’ll share more details about WHO these super stars are later). This Bonus add-on day is yours free, with your easy investment in the VIP GOLD Networking Ticket. (Bonus add-on day is Sunday, September 9th from 8 AM to Noon).

    VIP GOLD Networking Tickets are just $297. The networking lunches alone make it worth much more!

    Note: This add-on option is non-refundable.

    Purchase your VIP GOLD Networking Ticket at check out.

    1-Pay Option of $997 (BEST DEAL!)
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    EZ Financing of 3 Payments of $367/month
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    I promised you some amazing life-changing speakers for our BONUS Add On Day and you won't be disappointed!

    Register now before all the VIP spots are gone!

    Without further ado, let me introduce you to our Gifted Bonus Day Speakers!

    BONUS DAY Session:

    “Discover what drives you
    in relationship!”
    with Orna and Matthew Walters

    Most of us are following unconscious patterns in our love life that have us creating the same situation over and over again. You can break free from those old patterns and release all the heartbreak from the past. Create Love On Purpose... not just by accident!

    In this action-packed session, Orna and Matthew will show you how to release the old so you can create connection rather than separation and get the love you want!

    Join Orna and Matthew for this ground breaking session on Sunday, September 9th.

    Orna and Matthew Walters are Relationship Coaches for Singles and Couples and the founders of the Love On Purpose Revolution, a global online event dedicated to busting the myth that love is supposed to happen by accident.

    They each struggled with love relationships for the majority of their adult lives until they each individually mastered self-love which allowed them to come together to form a true soul partnership. Orna and Matthew work with clients all over the globe utilizing transformational tools. They are dedicated to spreading the message that having love is an inside job and that it’s never too late to find the love of your life.

    Orna and Matthew are often referred to as “The Power Couple” - because they help their clients step back into their power and into love. Their business is Creating Love On Purpose which teaches you how to break old patterns that are keeping you from receiving the one thing you desire most of all – LOVE!

    Orna and Matthew have been featured on countless television, radio, and print outlets including: NBC, Fox News, MSN, USA Networks, CBS Radio and KPFK radio.

    BONUS DAY Session:

    “Spiritual Rituals and Tools
    for Wealth and Well Being”
    with Lee Milteer

    Are you ready to stop wasting your time running down the wrong roads?
    You are a spiritual person and spiritual people need different rules for success than “Everyday NORMAL” people!

    Lee Milteer will show you how to overcome the reluctance of being spiritual in today’s world.

    In this radical, honest and provocative Bonus Session, Lee will help you discover:
    • How to ignore the naysayers on your spiritual journey to wealth
    • How to give yourself Permission to COME OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL POWER CLOSET
    • How to claim your Spiritual Heritage to become a True Manifestor not a wanna be
    • How to use Spiritual Forces or "helpers" to assist you so you can stop doing it all alone
    • How to remove blocks that have held you back from claiming your true spiritual purpose
    • Rituals on How to keep your energy focused and clear
    • How to stop giving away your power, life energy, skills and knowledge and start charging for them
    • The hidden secrets to real success and manifesting. (HINT: It is not working harder.)
    • How to have a clear and deliberate attraction to what you want in the world
    • How to release hard work, pain and stress and manifest from joy, ease and clear focus
    • The power of Love to attract the flow of wealth in your life
    • How controlling your destiny is an inside job first
    • How to have an affluent consciousness with gratitude and generosity
    • …and much much more!
    Materializing wealth is a clear conscious decision. One only you can make for yourself. Stop wishing and start manifesting. Join Lee Milteer on Sunday, September 9th for this unusual and much desired teaching session!

    Lee Milteer is a pioneer in the business world using spiritual principles to become massively successful.

    Lee not only has played in the all boy’s club for business success but also has become internally recognized as a THOUGHT LEADER to marry metaphysical knowledge with business success.

    Lee teaches a combination of spirituality, physics and philosophy with business knowledge to assist people to break through any barriers to enjoying material and emotional well being.

    Lee is known internationally is a Performance and Productivity Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® and Untamed Success Coaching programs. Lee hosts the America's Premier Experts TV Show, which is aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Affiliates. Lee also hosts Untamed Success: Positive TV, a Monthly Web-Based TV Show. Lee speaks all over North America and Europe in Conventions, Private Companies, and Entrepreneurial and Niche Market Events. As president of Lee Milteer, Inc., Career Development Strategists, she has counseled and trained over a million people in her speeches. Her presentations are so effective that organizations such as Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3M, Sales & Marketing Executive International, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions, associations meetings, and Niche Market Events repeatedly retain her to inspire and motivate their audiences with up-to-date wisdom.

    In her career, Lee Milteer has shared the platform with many well-known and famous personalities, such as: Dr. Phil, Gene Simmons from KISS, George Ross (Donald Trump's Chief negotiator who appeared on the TV show The Apprentice), the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale , the late Og Mandino, Dan Kennedy, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup book fame, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Ted Koppel, Lynn Redgrave, Marlo Thomas, Bill Glazer, Robert Cialdini, T. Harv Eker, Mike Ditka, Les Brown, Wally "Famous" Amos, Ivanka Trump, George Foreman, and Joan Rivers, to mention a few.

    Lee has Appeared as an Expert Guest on:

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    The more I have invested in my own well-being, happiness and success, the more my business has grown. The KEY success component for me has been attending live events. It consistently lands me new joint venture projects, speaking gigs, magazine features, TV and radio interviews and much more. And I ALWAYS invest in the VIP option!

    People ask me, “Baeth, why are you receiving these opportunities?” I tell them this, “When was the last time you invested in yourself and took a risk to meet people you follow and admire? When you invest in yourself, others will trust to invest in YOU!”

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    • Gorgeous VIP PLATINUM gift bag filled with items hand-picked by me to enhance your discovery and create a truly pampered feeling during the event.

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    “I’ve Been Able to Get Laser-Focused”

    “Before I'd ever heard of Baeth Davis, my tag line for my business was ‘Helping Newly Single Women Find Their Purpose and Passion in Life.’ However, I struggled with how to actually help them find their purpose.

    Then I met Baeth.

    After Baeth read my hands and helped me find my Life Purpose, I decided to attend Baeth’s annual live event in September 2010. That’s when I knew this was the piece I’d been looking for to use with my clients!

    Since then, I’ve been able to get laser-focused on my message because I know that I’m in living my Life Purpose. I’m now designing programs that include Life Purpose as a big part of them. I’ve already helped 8 clients find their Life Purpose―this is a huge boost for newly single women who are often afraid and confused after a divorce.

    If anyone is considering working with Baeth, my best advice is: DO IT NOW! Don’t wait. Not only will it help your business, it will also help you personally because you will have a whole new awareness of yourself and your own life. I cannot tell you how much working with Baeth has completely transformed all areas of my life.”

    Lori Latimer, Atlanta, Georgia

    “My Business Turned Around! And I made more money in the first quarter of 2011 then I did in all of 2010!”

    “2010 is the year that my business turned around.

    I had been struggling with trying to build a business out of doing what I love―inspiring people with guidance from many dimensions to live their richest life― I was not sure of my message, my core story, my gifts, nor how to get the word out that I can help you.

    At Baeth Davis’s recent live event, I learned that my purpose is to be the Innovative Artist in the Spotlight Inspiring the Community with Heart.

    Just because my hands said I was supposed to be doing this didn’t mean I knew HOW to do it. I was still stuck in the ‘penalty zone’ of my gifts! Baeth’s amazing insights and business knowledge really impressed me and she gave me confidence as well as practical tips that turned my thinking around!

    And I’m so glad I signed up for additional programs with Baeth because I have developed my signature talk and fine-tuned my message to take out into the world in a big way. I’ve made more money in the first quarter of 2011 than in all of 2010 because of knowing what I offer to the world and because I stepped into my Life Purpose in a big way! Thank you, Beautiful Baeth!”

    Rosemary Bredeson, Colorado Springs, CO
    Intuitive Medium

    “We Have a Business Model That Works!”

    "Alpha and I attended Baeth’s live event in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time, we had a so-called business. I say so-called because we had a business name, yet we had no direction, no idea who our target market was, or what to do to actually DO the business. Worst of all, we didn’t really know what each of our roles was in the business, that is, who is good at doing what. In short, we were like a rudderless ocean liner heading for future icebergs; we were floundering and getting more and more frustrated because we were very motivated and working very hard, yet not really seeing any results.

    The TRANSFORMATION for both ourselves and our business after Baeth’s event was nothing short of AMAZING.

    We now know:

    1. That what we are doing is indeed our Life Purpose;
    2. What each of our strengths are, so now we do have our roles well-defined;
    3. We know what each of us has to work on individually, that is, what our Life Lessons and gift marker penalties are that would hold us and our business back (not going to happen!);
    4. Why we have the repeated disempowering behaviors that only cause frustration, procrastination, guilt, etcetera. We know our lessons and penalties and now know what to work on and recognize when they rear their ugly heads.
    5. Our business model!

    We have attended a myriad of courses and have had mentors before, however NOTHING and NO ONE can compare with what we have gained by having Baeth as our Mentor. Since her 2010 live event, we have a business that will help people in the way we want to help them which is to make massive changes so that they will also transform their lives and the lives of their clients.

    Baeth, thank you SO much from the depths of our hearts and souls. Your authenticity and genuine love and caring are rare gems today.”

    Gloria Hamilten and Alpha Murgev, Australia

    "I Left Knowing Exactly What I Should Be Doing In Life”

    "For the last 5 years I have had a slow leak in my boat and as a result was forever sinking deeper into the land of confusion.

    When I attended Baeth’s event, I was not really expecting too much from the event, as I had taken many personal growth seminars before.

    Once there I could instantly feel the warmth and love from Baeth and the other attendees.

    I left knowing exactly what I should be doing in life to help others with my gifts. The instant knowing of my path laid out in my hands was something I had never experienced before in my 30 years of personal growth work.

    Baeth has a unique ability to intuit your life’s work by a combination of knowing what is in your hands as well as her highly honed spiritual gifts. I consider myself very fortunate to have attended her event and know you would benefit from knowing what’s in your hands!”

    Glenn M. Smith, Canada
    Creator of the "Smart Love System"
    9 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Mate

    “Baeth Has Given Me Clarity and Inspiration”

    "Before Baeth, I was stuck.

    I knew I had gifts and I knew how to use them — or so I thought. What I didn’t know was what how to use my gifts to serve my highest purpose―mainly because I had no idea what my highest purpose was!

    Working with Baeth has given me clarity and inspiration. It’s helping me to move toward manifesting the life of my dreams. Now I know where I’m going and I know how to get there―with Baeth to guide me when I need her.”

    Karen Bayly, Sydney, Australia
    Forthcoming web site:

    “I Can’t Thank Baeth Enough! I’m Adding Another $80,000 THIS Year!”

    "Before I started working with Baeth, I was struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually.

    In just a few short months of attending Baeth’s live event, I have built a steady flow of clients from around the globe and am enjoying the freedom of working from home (or anywhere I choose for that matter), which is especially great for me since I have 5 children that need me around.

    Baeth’s insight, support and encouragement throughout the last few months has helped me to step out in the world in a BIG way, to be the “Spiritual Entrepreneur and Leader” I knew I had to be; to face that part of me that was hiding out and afraid of what that vision actually meant.

    The best part? I have recently been presented with an awesome opportunity, because of my unique gifts and abilities, that has the potential of bringing me an extra $80,000+ a year in income. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t trusted my intuition and taken the first step.

    I can’t thank Baeth enough for living her Life Purpose as it has opened the door for me to step up and live mine. Love ya, Baeth!”

    JoAnn Manzella, New Jersey
    CEO, Chief Enlightenment Officer

    “Bigger Leaps in a Shorter Amount of Time Plus a List of 20,000 Subscribers in Less Than Two Years”

    "I recently attended a live event with Baeth, where I made a major breakthrough in what has kept me from success in the past, solidified a product structure, and began to develop a marketing plan.

    I walked away with a vision of what my business can actually be, and specific and concrete goals to achieve the business as I envision it with marketing forethought.

    And as a result of working with Baeth, I have made bigger leaps in a shorter amount of time than ever towards my ideal business and lifestyle. My online customer list has grown to over 20,000 people in just a year and we are now making a profit!

    Kirsten Sparks, Tucson, AZ

    Those are just a FEW testimonials from Baeth’s raving clients.

    My Money-Back, No Risk, No Hassle Guarantee!

    I’m so sure that “GIFTED” will be unlike ANY event you’ve ever attended before, bringing you a deep, rich experience unlike any you’ve had before, that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If by the end of the FIRST DAY, you don’t agree that “Gifted” is the most exciting, fun, and transformative event you’ve attended in a long time, please quietly turn in your event materials to the back table and we will issue a full refund plus $500 in documented travel expenses for your trouble, no questions asked.

    Are you ready to up-level your business, money and love quotients? I thought so!

    I can’t wait to see you in Phoenix this September!

    To Your Purpose – It’s In YOUR Hands!

    P.S. Remember, we ONLY have 200 spots, and when they are gone, they are gone! Don’t delay and claim your spot at this never-to-be-repeated event now!
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