Phoenix, October 27-29, 2016


Welcome to Gifted 2016!

Our THEME this year is:

“Sex & Money In Your Hands.”

WHY Sex AND Money?

Our goal this year is to help you access your creative energy so you can at least double your income in the next year. If doubling your income isn't of interest, you'll find insights and tools to clean up any lingering “money messes” you may have.


Napoleon Hill once wrote, in his book, Think and Grow Rich:

"Wherever there was evidence available in connection with the lives of men and women of great achievement, it indicated most convincingly that they possessed highly developed sex natures.

The emotion of sex is an “irresistible force,” against which there can be no such opposition as an “immovable body.” When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a super power for action. Understand this truth, and you will catch the significance of the statement that sex transmutation will lift one to the status of a genius."

I can't guarantee you'll become a genius attending Gifted 2016. However, the abilities to access and use your sexual energy freely and without judgment are directly linked to your capacity to generate, sustain and manage money. These are “creative forces” - one internal (sexual energy), one external (money energy). This energy generates from the sacral, or pelvic region of your body.

This sacral (or 2nd chakra) energy is indicated in your hands. There are also other special markings in the hand indicating one's access to creative energy and the proper channeling of it in your life.

One of the most important aspects of making money is connecting your sacral/sexual energy to your THROAT. Your voice is the doorway of manifestation. Without finding your voice and using it, the road to prosperity is a tough road indeed.

At Gifted 2016, we will explore your hands using Scientific Hand Analysis. We will take your hand prints live at the event and you will use your own hand map to guide you toward sexual energy access and an up-level in your relationship to money, wherever you may be in that relationship. We will explore using your voice in exciting and refreshing ways!

We will also address what holds you back in your work or causes you to sometimes sabotage your success. Typically, it is a knot in the sexual energy, layered with judgments, that blocks your free creative flow - and of course, your money flow as well.

Which brings me to the BIGGEST hold back I see in our clientele … DESIRE (that power Mr. Hill talks about) and authenticity locked in the body.

There may have been a cost, long ago, for expressing your desires, your feelings and your boundaries, so you learned to stuff them rather than express them!

If this held-back desire is not released, it continues to throw a tantrum or create drama in your present life, sometimes sabotaging you despite your best efforts toward your goals.

If it is not fully dealt with, it continues to operate in your present, sometimes sabotaging you despite your best efforts toward your goals.

In conducting interviews and research with our clients over the years, fully 80% of them have experienced some kind of significant life event that caused them to back away from their true desires:

* Broken Home

* Bullied in school for sensitivity or a learning disability

* Punished or controlled for having needs

* Abandoned at birth (orphaned or adopted qualifies - even if you grew to love your adoptive care-givers)

* Abuse in various forms (verbal, physical, etc.)

* Traumatic loss such as an abrupt move to a new home, death of a loved one, or injury

* … and, sadly the list goes on.

When you make the decision to RECLAIM this part of you, it gives you access to the deepest part of you - your sexual energy and your creative POWER!

Because our sexual energy is our most potent and powerful energy, as well as our most personal and private, it is often the energy that first gets shut down in challenging situations.

Okay… so what does this have to do with you and Gifted 2016?

Well, I've been in business over 18 years. And in all these years, I've seen most of my clients struggling to make a life they love with the other 10 to 20% that either had a good childhood or figured out how to heal their childhood succeeding.

I've scratched my head over these issues:

* Why is it SO hard to make a sales call?

* Why is it SO difficult to get that web site done?

* Why is it SO tedious and frustrating to finish that book?

* Why do you work and work with little to show for it?

* Why are you successful but your kids are coming apart at the seams… challenges with school work, peers and you?

* Why do you make money and then “lose” it all quickly?

* Why do you fear taking time off?

* Why is self-care so difficult and seen as selfish?

Here's what my clients have reported begins to occur as we work together on their trauma (usually indicated in the hands - at Gifted, we will explore the trauma markers, which invariably lead to giving away your power and staying SMALL!):

* Ah, if I do what I love, I will be seen. It was DANGEROUS to be seen as a child.

* If I make that sales call and they say ‘no,' it will be one more ‘no' in the long line of ‘no's' that is my life.

* If I finish the web site, I'll have to deliver and what if I deliver and my client still isn't happy?

* I can't write the book. I can't expose people by telling the truth.

I could keep adding to the list above, but you get the idea.

BOTTOM LINE: When you've suffered the loss of your desire and this loss is not resolved on an emotional level, your body and brain keep the desire hidden or a low-level burn. The minute you move toward “danger zone” territory - being seen, visible, exposed and FULL OF DESIRE! - your reptile brain says “no way!”

Imagine that your desire is a little child that has been ignored so much it just gave up trying to be seen. It is wanting to stay hidden and quiet. So YOU have to stay hidden and quiet. (Most people I've worked with have significant unresolved issues from the past that are negatively affecting the present in some way.)

If you are just fine and resolved, you'll KNOW - you'll know because your life works and your life FEELS GOOD!

For many of us, there was a HUGE, MASSIVE and DANGEROUS cost for speaking up, stepping out, and shining as children.

In many instances, our creativity was so brutally shut down early on, that we've gone numb and live our lives in small, painfully repetitive ways that make little room for creativity, expansion, innovation and financial freedom.

We unconsciously PROTECT and STAY LOYAL to our abusers, attackers, bullies and the painful emotions. Because to betray these people and emotions as children meant severe repercussions.

Is it any wonder you feel stuck in your life and your business? Is it any wonder your DESIRE HAS GONE MISSING?!

Now, here's the other kicker. Most “self-improvement” and business advice of the past 40 years is MENTAL strategy. "Change your thoughts, change your life." Well, if that actually worked, we'd all surely be geniuses by now.

AND on top of it, you are told you are lazy or a procrastinator if you can't “just do it” and “make it happen.” (No way, right? If you “make it happen,” the cost is too high.)

The mental is powerful - but ONLY if you are able to feel your feelings freely IN YOUR BODY and without shame and fear of reprisal. Until you have emotional freedom, the mental advice and strategy can only take you so far.

You know… "follow these steps, get this result." That might work but only if you aren't stopped dead in your tracks as so many people are.

Many are stopped by:

1. Fear of rejection and judgment

2. “Betraying” your family of origin

3. Staying loyal to the crowd and your family of origin or risk being ex-communicated and shunned

So at Gifted 2016, we'll explore:

* Your creative energy desires as marked in your hands

* Your unique path to money as marked in your hands

* “Desire Pollution” markers and emotional challenges as marked in your hands (… and what to do about them)

* Simple techniques to get into your physical body so you can gently feel and release your DESIRE once and for all

* Forgiving your past so you are no longer holding yourself hostage

* Addressing your fears of being seen and what it will really take to be visible at the level required to fulfill your purpose in the world

* Finding YOUR VOICE so you can communicate effectively and clearly what you came here to share!

* and… making a money plan to double your income (or more!) this coming year!

Fact is, I'm tired of you judging yourself and holding yourself back. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! You are amazing and talented and unique. The only thing wrong is what is hidden and kept out of view.

As they say in the 12-step program, “We are only as sick as our secrets.”

Are you ready to find a freedom at a whole new level?

I've observed that we can only make progress with our clients to the degree we have healed and challenged ourselves to be brave and visible.

The more I heal and the more you heal, the greater our impact in the world. If you find yourself limited in your personal or professional life, you can bet it's a “secret” locked in your body.


I love the body and I love hands - a part of our beautiful bodies.

Our bodies hold the keys to our hearts and souls soaring.

Only after physical freedom is achieved (that sexual potency Napoleon Hill spoke of) can we fully access the brilliant ideas, strategy and vision of the mind.

Join me and other amazing spiritual seekers for the event of the year: Gifted 2016!



The Speakers

Baeth will be your main host, facilitator and presenter for our 3 phenomenal days together. She is known for her blend of humor, rich content and practical, no-nonsense solutions to your spiritual crisis of meaning. People seem to find Baeth when the “spiritual crisis” occurs, so if you are on this page, you are likely being called by your inner guidance to make a change, make a new decision and experience a shift in your life.

Baeth Davis, your host. Photo by Lindsay A. Miller.

A spiritual crisis of meaning occurs when what used to work in your life no longer works. You may find you have become bored, depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or a combination of these emotional states. You know it's time to make a change… but may not have the internal clarity, permission and direction to make the decision "yet."

Alternately, you may feel “on path” but desire a new experience, more meaningful connections with others or an opportunity to present your business at Gifted.

Gifted 2016 presents opportunities to see what is causing your “spiritual crisis”, get to the root of it and make a plan to move forward pro-actively, with a plan. Baeth's genius is her ability to rapidly and intuitively get to the core of your crisis and help you make a plan to strategically shift the crisis into a healing phase.

Baeth has been in business for over 18 years, working with some of the finest entrepreneurs and spiritual teachers in the world. A Master Hand Analyst, having read over 8,000 pairs of hands personally, Baeth has trained hundreds of people in the art and science of hand analysis and commands top dollar for her business mentoring, a combination of intuition, practical business strategy and marketing skill. She is currently the highest paid hand analyst in the world and has generated millions of dollars through her business ventures.

Sponsor Speakers

If you choose to become a sponsor, see the sponsor area of this page. Several of our sponsorship packages grant you stage time to gain visibility and share your message with your target audience!

“The Block Buster Breakthrough Session”

Discovering, Naming and Owning Our DESIRES!

Thursday Evening, Oct. 27th, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

The first night of our event, Thursday, October 27th, Baeth will facilitate a panel with professional experts in identifying your desire, discovering what blocks it and what you can do to EXPRESS it. It promises to be a riveting and intriguing discussion. New discoveries are being made at a rapid pace on what really holds people back personally and professionally. We are finding it is usually not laziness or a lack of will. It is FEAR.

Many of our fear responses form very early in our development and are not only difficult to change - they are often out of our conscious awareness. The ability to address our DESIRE, name our desire and own it can create expansion in our lives without excessive effort. And when effort is required, we have the willingness to put in the energy. Resistance, reluctance and ambivalence begin to fade when we realize that we often fear being seen and being visible because of unresolved wounds from the past. In the past, it was “dangerous” to put ourselves forward and name our desires (this includes making requests, setting boundaries and standing out). Until this dynamic is resolved, we may have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake indefinitely, causing immeasurable frustration, delays and incompletions. There IS another way.

Talk therapy is usually not sufficient to resolve the DESIRE blocks. Healing the body is key.

We want to help you move from “desire pollution” to DESIRE EXPRESSION and CELEBRATION!

Come to this unique panel and discover new ways to discover, name, own and EXPRESS your desires!


Oct. 26

  •    4PM - 6:30PM Registration begins the night before the event itself.

Day 1 — Oct. 27

  •   7:30AM - 8:30AM

    Light Breakfast & Registration

  •   8:30AM - 10:00AM

    General Session & Hand Printing (please wear dark clothing)

  •   10:30AM - 12:00PM

    General Session

  •   1:30PM - 3:00PM

    General Session

  •   3:30PM - 6:10PM

    General Session

  •   7:30PM - 9:30PM

    "Blockbuster Breakthrough Session" and Q&A

Day 2 — Oct. 28

  •   7:30AM - 8:30AM

    Light Breakfast

  •   8:30AM - 10:00AM

    General Session

  •   10:30AM - 12:00PM

    General Session

  •   1:30PM - 3:00PM

    General Session

  •   3:30PM - 6:00PM

    General Session

  •   7:30PM - 9:30PM

    Ecstatic Dance Party ~ All Are Welcome!

Day 3 — Oct. 29

  •   7:30AM - 8:30AM

    Light Breakfast

  •   8:30AM - 10:00AM

    General Session

  •   10:30AM - 12:00PM

    General Session

  •   2:00PM - 3:30PM

    General Session

  •   4:00PM - 6:00PM

    General Session and Closing Ceremonies


Before this event page went live, GIFTED 2016 already had 200 ticket holders on our attendee list. If you want to connect with spiritual seekers in medicine, engineering, the healing arts and the coaching industry, this is THE place to be. People return to this event year after year because they experience personal transformation, find their purpose and additional revenue streams, release long-standing limiting patterns of behavior and thought and make life-long friends.

If you are looking to grow your business, increase your clientele and up your visibility, GIFTED 2016 will reward you! Baeth will also hold 2 training calls prior to the event with you and our Coach Team so you will know how maximize your sponsorship opportunities and generate solid leads from the experience.




We invite you to choose you…
Embrace your Spiritual Purpose,
release your reluctance and prosper!

Reserve your seat today for Gifted 2016
and we'll offer a $197 ticket to bring a friend!

Early Bird Special $397 (All Access)


So, you might be wondering why we're not offering a “free“ Bring a Friend ticket.
Here's why… what we've found in over 15 years of doing events is this…
if a person doesn't invest at least a little bit of money, they themselves are not usually invested. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, people don't value what is “free“ and don't see it as special.

Because if it's “free,“ how can it be special?

Once you are invested, you SHOW UP. You pay attention. You are truly committed.
The work I do is compelling, awakening and not for people who want to stay stuck in the past, stuck in old stories or simply stuck. Therefore, I only want people to attend who are willing to face whatever needs to be faced so they can live their life purpose and experience their creative and financial flow full out!

When YOU REGISTER HERE, you will be given an opportunity to Bring A Friend for ONLY $197 after you register. If you don't register your friend right away, we'll send you a follow up email in the event you find someone who wants to attend with you. The registration link will be in the email.

Register NOW while ALL Tickets are still ALL-ACCESS!

That's right! We want EVERYONE who attends GIFTED 2016 to feel included. The event itself is a VIP investment in yourself, your business and your spiritual growth. We want you to be able to sit with, mingle with and network with whomever you want to. We also want EVERYONE who attends to have the opportunity to join our unique Block Buster Breakthrough Panel Discussion and our Ecstatic Dance Party!

Bring a Friend for ONLY $197!*

*Friend must be someone not already on our subscriber and/or customer list. They receive the same VIP experience as you do!


We have limited space at this unique event as many people have already received tickets they purchased at last year's Gifted Event or received a ticket with a large program or product purchase.

Get the Full Gifted Event Experience with our limited All-Access Ticket.

First things first…we only have 100 MORE All-Access Tickets Available.

That may sound like a lot, but we sell out quickly. (We can't begin to tell you how many people come to the event wanting ALL-ACCESS only to discover it's sold out.)

With our All-Access Ticket, you are a VIP for the entire event. You are our esteemed guests. Breakfast and lunch are on us, with access to our special Block Buster Breakthrough Presentation, our talked-about Ecstatic Dance Party, and our sponsor/exhibition area as well as all general sessions.

Right now, EVERYONE has access to ALL-ACCESS. :)


  • Entrance To The Event

    Each ticket holder has access to our General Sessions ($997 Value)

  • Bring A Friend

    Each ticket holder can Bring A Friend for ONLY $197.

  • Block Buster Breakthrough Panel: Name YOUR DESIRE!

    for All Access attendees:
    Q & A to explore the main reasons for our frustrations and how to break through them. ($500 Value).

  • 3 Lunch Passes

    Good for 3 delicious pre-paid lunches at Gifted 2016 Event.
    ($90 Value)


    Those who attended last year's event are STILL talking about this special experience. Don't miss it! ($100 Value).

  • Express Pass Registration

    Nothing sucks more after a cramped flight than waiting in line to register. Your registration will be fast and easy! (Priceless!)

  • Priority Seating With A Table

    YES, it's true!: A REAL table for your notes and the incredible GIFTED 2016 EVENT materials that we've already prepared for you. (Priceless!)

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Check out Baeth's Q&A VIDEO to find out more about Gifted 2016…



  • Camby Hotel ~ Phoenix
  • 2401 East Camelback Road
  • Phoenix, AZ 85016
  • Phone: (602) 468-0700

  • Website:
  • Make Hotel Reservation

What to Wear

  • The dress code is “be comfortable and able to move with ease.” We recommend dark clothes the first day as we will be making hand prints. We also recommend you bring an additional sweater, wrap or jacket, as our meeting room will be on the cool side.


  • Late October is warm and sunny in Phoenix. The average daytime high temperature is high 80ºs. The evenings can be as cool as the low 60ºs. Be sure to pack layers of clothing to be prepared, as seminar room temperatures can also vary. It's the perfect time to join Baeth Davis and over 200 other incredible women entrepreneurs from October 27 to October 29, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.



Dear Baeth,

Two years ago at your Gifted LIVE Event, I sat in a hot seat during a VIP lunch. One of your hot seat facilitators couldn't find me in space for a while.

You asked me what my global vision was. I answered meekly, “Joy through art.”

I had just started working on the enclosed art. I was mad at the facilitator for not finding me - LOL - and thought... “Didn't they know how much courage it took to be up here???”

That experience fueled me to keep going and strengthen my relationship with myself - and finish my visions. You will note the hand symbols [on the art I sent you] are based on hand analysis and the intention of helping kids learn to love to cook through fun and play, and honor the connection to food and each other.

I got scared and almost didn't want to share this with you but after hearing you speak about creative mastery, I summoned my courage. Thank you for all you do.

Love, Elaine

~ Elaine Callahan, Georgia, USA
[attended Gifted LIVE Event multiple times, Level I and Level II Scientific Hand Analysis client]

Gorgeous Baeth,

To the MOST amazing woman! You make my world so much more beautiful...

I am so grateful for YOU being in my life. Thank you for having me be part of your amazing world and the Gifted LIVE Event. You are gorgeously incredible.


~ Ingrid Elfver,
Los Angeles, CA
Gifted 2015 Sponsor

Dear Baeth,

Thank you for another powerful and inspiring Gifted LIVE Event.
Enclosed is a small token of my appreciation for you and your work.

My 9 whorls and I share your mission of expanding global consciousness and I would love to support you in whatever way possible. Just say the word!


~ Karin Kiser, San Diego, CA
Gifted 2015 LIVE Event Attendee

Dearest Baeth,

What a gift of grace you are in my life! Do you realize that in the brief time we have collaborated, we have managed to catalyze and transform each other from the inside out?!

Thank you times a million for the AMAZING opportunity to speak on your Gifted LIVE Event stage – I had so much fun!

Bless you Baeth for seeing me and believing in me when perhaps I could not for myself.

You are SO GENEROUS and thoughtful. Truly. All of your gifts, not the least of which is your presence, touch my heart and soul.
I love and adore you.

Siddiqi Soul Ray

~ Siddiqi Soul Ray, Los Angeles, CA
Gifted 2015 Sponsor/Speaker

Grounded, On Purpose, Well Paid.... And Loving My Life Thanks To Baeth

Few words can describe the profound effect meeting Baeth Davis had on my life. If you have been drawn to getting support from her I would urge you to trust your intuition and just do it.

When I met Baeth at her Gifted LIVE Event I was like a lost child. All I saw was light and it had blinded me.

She helped me get back in my body, own my power, step up and realise my life purpose, not only that she helped me to make money doing what I love.

She changed my life in a few minutes at Gifted, supported me through a time of crisis, and then was with me all the way as a mentor at my side lovingly and wisely offering her support and guidance and gifts of insight, intuition and unconditional love when I needed it most.

Now, a marriage, three babies and 4 years in business later I am honoured to still call Baeth my friend and a guide and teacher to me. I adore her, who she is and her fierce courage in this life.

She is living her purpose to help women like you to rise and break free. If you have heard a call to work with her, just do it.

Baeth I am forever in gratitude to your huge heart and wise soul.

All my Love & Blessings

Katharine Dever, UK

Please meet the brilliant and oh so lovely Baeth Davis.

Baeth is an incredible spiritual guide and I know I have raved about her incessantly. Her generous, direct support has been instrumental in supporting me as I step into this new season of my life.

I feel truly blessed and integrated with my purpose in a way that I have never experienced before. Working with Baeth has been the missing link for me on so many levels.


~ Laura Gisborne,
California, USA

Baeth lays out the plan for you to create a business that you can run - not one that runs you.

she very quickly put together a plan that brought us back to all the JOY we had when we first started, and we let go of doing everything else.

Baeth gave us the tools to grow our business quickly to six figures and beyond! Thank YOU, Baeth!

Orna and Matthew

Orna and Matthew Walters



  • Baeth‘s Gifted 2016 Team is happy to answer any questions you have about the event, registration, sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities. We are committed to making Gifted 2016 the event you remember long into the future AND return to again and again as your yearly go-to event experience.

We want to know what we can do to make your experience as smooth as it is transformational so reach out to us here »

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Phoenix, October 27-29, 2016